The Baskit Model Search at Detox

Dtox was packed to the walls, the crowd was loud and crazy and the atmosphere in the room was super-charged. And that was before the show even started!

The incredibly talented Sherry Vine took the stage at 11 pm, started the show with a song, and then the boys took the stage. And did they take the stage. Wow! It was a hot and sweaty frenzy of muscle 
worship that was hot enough to make sailors blush and grannies drop their panties.

In the first Round, the boys stripped off their shirts, followed by a Round in which they appeared in Baskit Underwear, (and less), and then the ever so tough Question and Answer period. Memories of the disastrous Miss U.S.A. incident were fresh on everyone's mind, but luckily, our boys have a little bit more on the ball than Miss California. They answered the questions with ease and with sexy smiles lighting up the stage.

The Judges, Next Magazine's Brian Moylan; international male model Mark Johnson; HereTV's Josh Rosenzweig; and world famous entertainer Joey Arias, had some tough decisions to make, but in the end, they chose Matheus as the winner.

Look for Matheus, and the other boys, in upcoming editions of Next Magazine and in ads for Baskit Underwear, and of course, watch for our next live event coming to you soon!