Model Todd Trofimuk in the current Undergear catalog, wearing the Baskit Lucky 7 swim bikini.


Another shot of Beau, in the "Action Cool" Boxer, vermillion orange.


Beau in the "Action Cool" Sawed-Off Brief, riviera blue.



Better Baskits in Minneapolis/ St. Paul

Big Jim and the Twins got some press recently in Twin Cities-based magazine, Lavender. Nice eye candy and some interesting responses from Eric, the "head baskit maker"at /baskit/. We liked the part about not wanting your underwear to fall down around your ankles..."well not in the morning anyway." In all honesty though... is there a bad time of day for activity that leads to underwear at one's ankles? We can't think of one. Check out the entire article and enjoy all the candy at www.lavendermagazine.com/


More pics in the May 2008 issue of Genre Magazine by photographer Rick Day.

Baskit's ad in the May 2008 issue of Genre Magazine.


Beau Martin in /baskit/ on Fantasticsmag.com

Have you seen Beau Martin? Although he hails from Oklahoma he's hotter than Georgia asphalt in July. Photographer James Nixon captured Beau's spirit for some excellent photos featured in this month's edition of fantasticsmag.com. If you're not familiar with this on-line mecca dedicated to style, culture, fashion and the fabulous personalities that make it happen... well you need to be. Go check it out.... http://www.fantasticsmag.com/ and Beau...nice baskit, fella.