4. b.

Baskit Underwear, "Action Cool" Jocks. (On Kris, bronze green, on Bryan, riviera blue, on Brandon, vermillion orange.)

We were running from the Susan G. Koman crazy race ladies, when we came upon Sheep Meadow in Central Park. We knew stripping the guys down to jocks was probably forbidden in Central Park, but at this point, we thought, "What the hell." Luckily, no police arrived, but just before we took this shot, some LaLeche League/Mother's Day Out/Baby Stroller gang of women with their babies in strollers went jogging by. They all stared in stunned silence at the three pairs of buttocks before them, but none of the women said a word, until they were almost past, when the youngest mother in the group finally whistled admiringly with a large grin on her face. Welcome to New York, a great city and home to what are, undoubtedly, the horniest women in the world!